Stylish at the summer wedding – tips for men

Almost every man has been a guest at a wedding. Not only for women a guesswork and shirt buying guide begins before the day X, which outfit is cool, not too casual and not too chic and above all fits into the summer – do not belong to a sovereign appearance, but too airy does not go at all. This article explains how you can appear stylish and comfortable at a summer wedding.

The W questions help further

An adequate fashion not only for weddings in summer always depends on a few W questions. Who gets married, where gets married and when?

Because these questions can greatly simplify the way to a successful wedding outfit. If, for example, you get married outside and the weather forecast predicts 30 degrees Celsius and sunshine, the choice is a little more narrow.

The couple also often writes a kind of motto in the invitation. If it says Black Tie, for example, men should take a well-fitting tuxedo. White Tie would then be the tailcoat, but very few couples demand this somewhat old-fashioned style at their wedding. If the wedding has a rather unconventional motto, for example rock and roll, look on the Internet for impressions of such an event, which will give you tips.

Even the time plays a role. If you want to start in the afternoon, you should of course choose lighter clothes than in the evening, because the temperature differences are also significant in summer.

The binder

When it comes to choosing the binder, you’re spoilt for choice. Whether tie, bow or the tie scarf of the old school: All can be real eye-catchers in the positive sense.

Important is with all variants: Wear only what you feel comfortable with. The bow is something for more extroverted, self-confident natures, because it makes a real, extraordinary statement. After all, you see it less often than the classic tie. For those who like it extravagant, tie scarves are the answer.

In terms of colour and pattern, a man at a wedding should rather choose the piano variation. Because the guests’ attention should belong to the bride, groom and not to you. Discreet, friendly patterns and bright colours are definitely a tip.

As far as tying the tie is concerned, there are several tie knots you could use. More important than the type of knot, however, is that the knot fits well. If, for example, you have a rather gross motor nature, do without magic and let a simple, perfectly tied knot speak for itself.

The shirt

First, the obvious: Neither the simple T-shirt nor the polo belong at a wedding unless they are explicitly requested. The man of the world always reaches for his shirt with long sleeves. Short-sleeved shirts are an absolute no-go on such ceremonial occasions.

For classic weddings, choose shirts suitable for business. If you want it to be a bit looser, the casual style is also possible. However, the shirts you are considering for the event should be suitable for binders. Stylish shops for shirts and co. are now also available online in abundance, where you can often beat a bargain or even combine the whole wardrobe for the wedding together.

In terms of colour, black should be excluded and white should be left out if possible. For example, it is better to use a friendly, light blue. Depending on your skin and hair type, other colours are also ideal.

The trousers

Basically the same applies to the trousers as to the shirt: Keep your fingers away from shorts! Do not reach for jeans either, especially those with a used look. With chino trousers you don’t do anything wrong. These have the advantage of being very light, airy and available in many colours. You can also combine them according to your taste. Make sure that the trousers and the rest of the outfit don’t bite each other.

The belt

A simple leather belt is certainly the right choice for the wedding. Make sure that belt and shoes are the same color. Black and brown are reliable and stylish tones.

The socks – a real accessory

The triumph of coloured socks in recent years has replaced the old, boring variations between grey, black and blue. Take advantage of this triumphal march and set accents with coloured socks, but do without exaggerated bright colours. These have just as little to look for at a wedding as sports socks.

The shoes – set accents with good style

Of course you do not wear casual shoes like chucks or sneakers at a wedding. Men, who want to look cool and alternative, have often achieved the opposite effect and have been rather embarrassed. If you don’t want the classic suit shoe with a black colour, choose beautiful Budapest shoes or boat shoes, for example, which also make a good chino. Of course, the shoes must be well groomed and shiny when worn at a wedding. Because quite a few guests will pay attention to the shoes first.

The right choice for the suit

A fancy suit doesn’t have to be black. And especially in summer you want a colour that absorbs less warmth. For example, beige or grey tones can be a real remedy. Anthracite has not only become popular again since the embodiment of James Bond by Daniel Craig. Pay attention to good fabrics, because cheap textiles such as polyester can become a burden, especially in hot weather.


With these hints you can combine calmly to success. So you will certainly stand out positively at the wedding and still be able to express your own personality.

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